Our Equipment

Silage Solutions currently operates a fleet of high performance machines, these include:

Silage Solutions currently has 2 x Class Jaguar 960 Forage Harvesters with GPS Guidance(auto steer) and Yield Mapping 2 x Dominoni direct cut Disc fronts 2 x Class Pick-up fronts 2 x Kemper 460 Plus Corn fronts 2 x John Deere 300hp push tractors 2 x Kenworth Prime Movers 1 x Moore chainbed silage trailer 2 x Moore deck widener floats 1 x Isuzu service vehicle 1 x service trailer 3 x back up vehicles

Silage Solutions also have a reliable and efficient team of contractors with chain bed, tipper and walking floor trailers. They bring with them many years of experience in the silage industry to compliment our business.